I am sensitive to mosquito bites and since using Judy’s Essential Oil Bug Spray which can also be used on humans, I have not had mosquito bites. The oil works wonderful. I highly recommend it.

~ Dina

Ticks are in our backyards…I did a purge and deep clean of our new hot tub (installed in Aug 2015) and found 2 dozen dead ticks in the water…I couldn’t believe what I was looking at… yup, truth! 

~ Cathy

I visited my Uncle in North Bay in May. This is black fly season there. I sprayed my dog and when i saw the flies staying away from her, I sprayed myself. It is after all essential oils, so it is safe for my dog and me. 

~ Pam

Love this spray…

My partner, son and i and our 3 dogs went camping all summer in the bush. The ticks and mosquitos and flies never went near any of us. I ended up spraying all the other campers and their dogs. 

~ Stephanie

This spray really works. It kept the bugs off me and my dog all summer. 

~ Laurie

My family and I were spending the day at Fifty Point Conservation area. We were the only ones who did not have any ticks on us or our dog. 

~ Sue

We went camping all summer. This spray really keeps the bugs away. 

~ Ann