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All natural, pure essential oil spray for protection from the outdoors.

Spray you dogs all over, their bedding, use it on door mat and don’t forget to spray your bedding also.

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I am sensitive to mosquito bites and since using Judy’s Essential Oil Bug Spray which can also be used on humans, I have not had mosquito bites. The oil works wonderful. I highly recommend it.

~ Dina

Ticks are in our backyards…I did a purge and deep clean of our new hot tub (installed in Aug 2015) and found 2 dozen dead ticks in the water…I couldn’t believe what I was looking at… yup, truth! 

~ Cathy

I visited my Uncle in North Bay in May. This is black fly season there. I sprayed my dog and when i saw the flies staying away from her, I sprayed myself. It is after all essential oils, so it is safe for my dog and me. 

~ Pam

Love this spray…

My partner, son and i and our 3 dogs went camping all summer in the bush. The ticks and mosquitos and flies never went near any of us. I ended up spraying all the other campers and their dogs. 

~ Stephanie

This spray really works. It kept the bugs off me and my dog all summer. 

~ Laurie

My family and I were spending the day at Fifty Point Conservation area. We were the only ones who did not have any ticks on us or our dog. 

~ Sue

We went camping all summer. This spray really keeps the bugs away. 

~ Ann

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